Ten Warning Signs to Look For in an Elderly Relative

Do you have an elderly loved one who you are concerned about? Are you worried that they may not be coping with day-to-day living on their own?

Use the check-list below to help you to decide if they need some help:

  • They don’t appear to be regularly washing themselves.
  • There is an odor in the house when you visit. – possibly urine or feces. They may be incontinent and unable to clean up properly.
  • They can’t keep up with the basic housekeeping required to maintain a sanitary environment.
  • Their clothing is dirty or you notice that they are wearing the same clothes every day.
  • They are losing weight, unintentionally.
  • There is very little food, or improper food, in their fridge or cupboards.
  • They are unable to keep appointments, due to absentmindedness.
  • They are forgetful and don’t remember to take their medications, or they take the incorrect dosage.
  • They say they are fine when you know they are not.
  • They are calling you more frequently to ask for assistance.
  • If you have checked one or more of these items, we can help. Call today for a FREE in-home assessment of your loved one. Ask for some peace of mind and we will provide it.