Home Care FAQ

1. How can I be sure my elderly family member is in good caring hands?

Considering the yearly abuses that take place with elderly care in Florida, this is a valid concern. However, our home health agency carefully screens all applicants with criminal background checks and examines prior nursing experience and references before hiring. Additionally, all nursing staff undergo pre-employment health screening as well as annual health assessments to ensure good physical health.

We have been providing elderly care for 10 years in Florida, and each year, the state performs an evaluation for deficiencies we might possess. Every year, Home Health Works has passed this Florida state examination without any deficiencies. We are fully licensed, and each of our health care professionals is insured and bonded. If you are looking for reliable, trustworthy elderly care in Florida, our home health agency has an unbeatable history of satisfied patients.

2. What if my family member doesn’t get along well with the caregiver?

To prevent these kinds of problems and ensure a good fit, all patients meet their caregivers before official assignments are made. If a patient has a specific request for a certain type of caregiver, we will fill that request. If at some point in time the patient comes to dislike his or her caregiver, our director of nursing will assign a different caregiver.

We only hire caregivers who have earnest desires to provide loving care, and we train them further to treat their patients just like they would treat a member of their own family.

3. Is the home caregiver supervised by anyone?

Yes, home caregivers are under the supervision of our director of nursing, who oversees the entire Home Health Works staff. She makes regularly supervisory visits to evaluate patients’ needs, making new recommendations if needs change. Other office staff will periodically call to make sure everything is going okay.

Should an emergency arise, the director of nursing will take care of it. She is ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in the home, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. What parts of Florida do you cover? All Florida counties?

We care for patients in all cities within Florida’s Pasco and Pinellas counties . You do not need to live in Florida to schedule elderly care. In fact, many children of elderly parents who schedule elderly care with Home Health Works live in states other than Florida.

Also, the place of care doesn’t have to be a home, but can be any place where the patient resides, be it a house or apartment, nursing home, assisted living facility, or hospital within Pinellas and Pasco County. Our director of nursing will visit the patient and make an assessment as to the level of medical care needed.

5. How much do your home care services cost?

Costs for home health care depend on the amount and type of care provided. If the patient needs only the assistance of a home health aide or companion, the cost would be less than that of a RN or LPN. An additional factor is the amount of care needed: the patient may need anywhere from one-hour-a-day to 24-hour-a-day care. If you call our office (727-442-5612), we can give you an accurate estimate for your situation.

One advantage of home health care rests in its flexibility. You may just need several hours of care a day, not the 24-hour supervision of a residential facility. With home care, you pay only for the amount of care you actually need, and then receive that care on a one-to-one basis. This flexibility allows you to tailor the health services perfectly to fit your needs and schedule.

As for insurance coverage of home health care, different policies range in the amount of care covered. Some insurance plans cover full home health care costs, others cover part, and others cover none at all. It all depends on your policy and company. Contact us and we will call your insurance company for you to find out the Florida’s Pasco and Pinellas counties of your plan.