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Home Health Care FAQ

At Home Health Works we bring exceptional care home. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals stands out with unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence that transforms your home into a sanctuary of healing and comfort. Each member of our staff is not only highly qualified but also handpicked for their passion and proven track record in providing outstanding care.

Our promise to you is not just in meeting your healthcare needs but in exceeding them with a level of personalized service that is unmatched. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of services—from skilled nursing to personal care—all tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

With Home Health Works you are choosing more than just a provider; you are choosing a partner in health who values the well-being of your loved ones as much as you do. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in the hands of the area’s top healthcare professionals. Trust, care, and expertise—right where you need it most, at home.

Home Health Work proudly provides services throughout Pasco & Pinellas counties. If you are located outside these counties, please reach out to us. Although your area might be beyond our service boundaries, we are committed to helping you find the necessary in-home care. We can potentially connect you with another reputable agency that serves your location. Our primary goal is to ensure that everyone receives the in-home care they need, even if it involves directing you to another provider.

The cost of home health care varies depending on the type and amount of care required. If the patient needs assistance from a Home Health Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant, the cost is typically lower than that of care provided by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. Additionally, the extent of care needed can range from two hours a day to around-the-clock care. For a precise estimate tailored to your specific needs, please contact our office at 727-442-5612.

Home health Works offers significant flexibility, allowing you to choose just a few hours of care daily instead of the continuous supervision required in a residential facility. This means you only pay for the care you actually need, received one-on-one in the comfort of your own home. This flexibility makes it possible to perfectly align the services with your needs and schedule.

Regarding insurance coverage, it varies by policy. Some plans may cover all home health care costs, others cover only a portion, and some might not provide coverage at all. We can contact your insurance provider on your behalf to determine what is covered under your policy in Florida’s Pasco and Pinellas counties.

Home Health Works is not a provider for Medicaid or Medicare. However, we do accept long-term care insurance and private pay for clients needing home care services.

We have implemented stringent measures to ensure the highest quality of care. We meticulously screen every applicant through criminal background checks, and carefully evaluate their nursing experience and references before hiring. Additionally, our nursing staff are required to undergo pre-employment health screenings, as well as annual health assessments, to maintain optimal physical health.

With over 30 years of experience in providing elderly care in Florida, our agency undergoes a bi-annual state evaluation to identify any potential deficiencies. Home Health Works has consistently passed these Florida state examinations. We hold full licensing, and all our healthcare professionals are insured and bonded. If you’re seeking dependable and trustworthy elderly care in Florida, our agency boasts a long-standing record of patient satisfaction.

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to choose your caregiver or request a change if you’re not completely satisfied. We strive to ensure a good match between caregivers and clients but understand that sometimes adjustments may be necessary. If at any point you feel that your caregiver isn’t the right fit, please let us know. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences and will do our best to assign a new caregiver who better aligns with your expectations. Your comfort and satisfaction with our services are paramount.

If this were to occur we do our best to discuss your specific concerns and preferences, and then work promptly to match you with another caregiver who better meets your expectations. Your comfort and satisfaction with our services are our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing care that meets your standards.

To mitigate such issues and ensure a compatible match, we collect comprehensive information about each client’s preferences, personality, and specific needs during the admission process. This helps us pair clients with caregivers who best meet their requirements. If a client has a particular preference for a certain type of caregiver, we strive diligently to accommodate that request. However, if a client eventually finds that they are not compatible with their caregiver, although this is rare, they can simply contact our office to discuss reassignment options.

We carefully select caregivers who are genuinely committed to providing compassionate care, and we further train them to treat every client with the same kindness and respect they would offer to their own family members.

Yes, our home caregivers are supervised by our Director of Nursing. This individual, along with Registered Nurses, conducts regular supervisory visits to assess the patients’ needs and make any necessary adjustments to their care plans. Additionally, our office administrative staff routinely check in with the client or the client’s family via phone to ensure that everything is running smoothly with our clients and their services. In the event of an emergency, the Director of Nursing will handle the situation. Ultimately, the Director of Nursing is responsible for all aspects of care provided in the home and is available 24/7 to address any clinical or nursing concerns.

Home Health Works offers a streamlined process to get started. Initially, we conduct a 20-30 minute phone call where we gather most of the necessary information directly from you—no need to send, fax, or email anything. Following this, we arrange an in-person consultation with one of our Registered Nurses. During the admission the RN will develop a service provision plan with your input that will direct the caregiver’s actions to assist you. Once the admission process is complete, we assign your caregiver and establish a schedule to begin services based on your individual needs.

Understanding the Positions and Common Questions

Home Health Works does the upmost in find the most qualified and caring Home Health Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants and Registered Nurses. Depending on the type of care you or your loved one are receiving you/they will be being cared for by a Home Health Works Aide, CNA or Registered Nurse.

Yes. All our caregivers are licensed and put through tailored training on bedside manners, making the client feel important and their skills are tested to ensure they can provide the utmost care to the client and ensure the client is comfortable and treated with dignity and respect.

During the admissions process, we conduct an in-home assessment to evaluate the client’s potential needs and the physical setup of their home. This assessment helps us identify the necessary homemaking, personal care, and medical services required. We have adopted a very stringent personalized approach to ensure the highest quality care.

In a home health agency, there are several key positions involved in direct patient care, each playing a crucial role in delivering services to clients.

  • Home Health Aide (HHA): Provides basic personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. They also assist with daily living activities and ensure the patient’s comfort.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): Offers assistance with both personal care and medical tasks under the supervision of a nurse. Their responsibilities might include taking vital signs, helping with medications, and monitoring health status.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Provides nursing care such as administering medications, wound care, and managing minor treatments. They work under the supervision of registered nurses and doctors.
  • Registered Nurse (RN): Manages more complex nursing needs. They assess patients, create and manage care plans, provide direct care, and educate patients and their families on health care needs.
  • Director of Nursing: Manages all home care and care plans ensuring the highest quality services are provided.
  • Client Care Coordinator: Coordinates all aspects of a patient’s care, including liaising with other healthcare professionals, managing resources, and ensuring that care plans are followed.

These roles work together to provide comprehensive care tailored to the individual needs of each patient, ensuring their health, safety, and well-being while they remain in their homes.

No. We have established relationships with vetted rehabilitation centers and physical therapists in getting this set up. There are government programs that offer discounted or no charge hours of service for veterans and elderly that fit criteria and they provide case managers that help to get these services. We are an approved agency with the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco & Pinellas as well as the two major VA medical centers in the Tampa Bay area.

Rates and Services Common Questions

Rates can be discussed after the initial in-person evaluation and amount of time required and what services are being provided.

Yes. As an agency we can provide 24/7 care. We can also provide live-in care, as needed.

Every care plan created includes a comprehensive Disaster Emergency Plan which is established on an individual basis and factors in such things as where the client lives, the condition of the client and their individual needs in a potential disaster. Any medical emergencies are handled with the applicable 911 contact, Emergency room visit or with setting up an appointment with the person’s MD.

We do not take Medicare or Medicaid. Unfortunately, most often these do not cover longer term care and instead only cover short term care needs such as physical therapy, hospital visits or stays etc. We do accept Long-term care insurance as well as VA and Area Agency on Aging programs as well as Private Pay. We are happy to schedule an in-home assessment to ascertain what services you need and what may be available to you.

Yes, we do take long term care insurance. If you are a policy holder you can contact us and give our care team your policy and we can assist you with the rest. Many people do not have Long-term care insurance that cover home care services, and so we do our best to work with the clients to get them set up with a program or on a private pay basis to get them  the care they need.

Our agency takes client confidentiality and privacy very seriously. We adhere to all HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations to protect personal and medical information. All our staff are trained in privacy protocols and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of discretion. We use secure systems for storing and handling client data, and we ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. Furthermore, we regularly review and update our privacy policies and practices to safeguard our clients’ confidentiality at all times.