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Beyond Basic Care: Embracing the Power of Family-like Support in Home Health Services

Going Beyond Basic Care 

Our motto at Home Health Works is “Caring for people like family” because our care goes beyond basic medical tasks and includes family-like love and attention.

Our home health caregivers may do light housekeeping, prepare meals, provide transportation, run errands, schedule appointments, wash dishes, shop for groceries, and more.

Often the most important role of home care is companionship. When the home caregiver becomes a part of your home, he or she assumes the same role as a family member and is supportive of the social and emotional aspects of the patient’s health.


Part of the caregiver’s companionship might involve conversing about current events, playing cards, going on scenic drives through nearby parts of Florida, and other activities.

Home health caregivers might accompany patients to church, cultural events, club meetings, or just assist them with evening walks along Florida’s beaches. The home health caregiver will assist the patient with whatever favorite activity he or she likes to do.

An Encouraging Friend

Home care is about more than medical attention. A home care worker is an encouraging friend and companion interested in the patient’s personhood as much as his or her health.

Our staff are the loving caregivers, and we pride ourselves in making our patients part of a family – our family. No one is left alone.

Medical Needs

Of course, depending on the medical care needed, your home health caregiver will also change bandages and linens, help with grooming and personal hygiene, assist with feeding and bathing, remind to take medication, administer infusion therapy, physical therapy, or perform whatever other medical services are appropriate.